Product Line

Cultural Tastes

Implementing our Agricultural Replacement Methodologies we will produce, process and package our Victory Garden recipe of leafy greens that reflects a cultivar palette popular in the North American diet. Also, we developed the Asian Garden recipe to supplement the Victory Garden and have added several additional recipes to reflect different popular cultural tastes. As we enter European and South American markets new garden recipes comprised of local greens will be required to satisfy local cultural tastes. Our plans are to wholesale to commercial DC’s and grocery chains under private label, and sell retail under our own Brand of “Better Lettuce”.

Commercial Herbs

Next in our plans for product expansion is the Commercial Herbs market. Herbs are sold in lower market volumes, however, at higher margins. A carefully administered Herb Garden could increase the profitability of local market operations. Like our other commercial products, fulfillment will be in 48 oz bags, carton packed and shipped by pallet to the nearest DC. We will add Herbs to the Market and buyers will pay spot price for order fulfillment through brokers.

Medicinal Plants

An alternate market segment we are researching and performing limited test at this time are in production of medicinal botanicals. The US market was estimated at $3B in 2012, according to the Medicinal Plant Working Group. The global market for botanical and plant-derived drugs is therefore expected to increase from $19.5 billion in 2008 to $32.9 billion in 2013, an annual growth rate of 11.0%, according to a 2009 study by BCC Research. We feel this has a high profit potential in certain areas of the USA and regions around the world.