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The AgriFacture model seeks to create a truly closed loop system for agricultural production, packaging, and distribution.

 AgriFacture’s model of controlled environmental agriculture allows consumers to enjoy local, fresh, pesticide-free, nutrient-rich vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and herbs year-round, regardless of where they live. 

The AgriFacture Model


Our entire process - from seeding to packaging - is completed with our own system of robotics and automation. This unique use of technology combined with automation systems removes all points of contamination as well as the need to rely on human workers for harvest.


While traditional farming depends on miles of arable land, our 22-unit-high vertical farming structures utilize vertical density and horizontal compression, thus saving space and resources that become increasingly precious as the world struggles to feed the growing population.


Current indoor vertical farms must produce at least 7 times the amount per square foot just to compete with traditional farms. Our model increases that 7:1 ratio by a factor of 3 - producing 21 times more per square foot than traditional farms or foraging; thus setting a new standard for urban farming.

The Process


The process begins with a thorough cleaning and complete sanitization of all racks, trays, and equipment. Maintaining consistent sterilization during all stages of the process is essential to removing any and all points of contamination.

AgriFacture Cleaning
AgriFacture Take From seeding

From seeding to rack

Robotic arms remove the trays from the seeding stage and load them onto vertically-dense racks. Full mechatronic process control systems enable robotic motion, sense and measurement data collection and controls. 


The seeded trays re-enter the conveyor system and travel to the next stage of the growth process. Because the racks and trays are made from industry-standard materials, the various components slide seamlessly onto the conveyor belt.

AgriFacture Germination Chamber

Germination chamber

At this step, the seeds are stored within a climate-controlled environment. Each chamber has been carefully created to provide the produce with the optimum growing environment. The ideal levels of humidity, light, temperature allow the germinating seeds to achieve a high level of biological efficiency.


The seeds leave the germination chamber ready to be put in a separate room that maximizes yield. As opposed to human workers carrying the trays from one environment to the next, the conveyor system again allows seamless transition through the phases of the closed-loop system. 

AgriFacture Growing Room


The growing room is where the germinated seeds become produce. Not only is the growing room constantly monitored by a network of sensors, but the air is filtered, the water is purified to 0ppm, and temperature and lighting are provided for maximum product production.


The produce emerges from the growing room, as it is now perfectly ripe and ready for harvest. Each tray is unloaded by a robotic arm and placed into the harvesting part of the process. 

AgriFacture Robot Unloading Greens


The produce is swiftly harvested and packaged. The racks and trays return to the cleaning room where they can be thoroughly sanitized and sterilized before beginning the process again. Any left over waste material is collected and recycled or reused. 

See It In Motion

It is AgriFacture’s mission to utilize indoor vertical farming systems to provide the highest-quality produce to people around the world at an affordable price. Traditional agricultural methods that humanity has relied on for thousands of years are not going to cut it in the future, and there is a huge need for fresh produce that has not been doused in chemicals and then spent 15 days in the back of a truck before it is sold to consumers. The AgriFacture model was created to solve this problem.