agrifacture and hendersonville rescue mission

AgriFacture Donates 5 Pounds of Mushrooms to Hendersonville Rescue Mission

This week, AgriFacture delivered 5 pounds of fresh, sustainably-grown mushrooms to Hendersonville Rescue Mission for them to serve to community members in need. The donation comes when food banks are seeing a dramatic increase in demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We sometimes get mushrooms from produce departments, or canned mushrooms from stores, but never anything like this,” says Rev. Dn. Tim Jones, Hendersonville Rescue Mission Vice President and C.O.O. “We are very grateful!”

Food banks around the nation have reported being very overwhelmed in the past few weeks. A few have even closed as a result of losing their workforce because of the coronavirus. AgriFacture is working to ensure that this doesn’t happen to the food banks in the area, and this week’s donation is only the first of many intended donations to Hendersonville Rescue Mission.

“We’ve had to change our operations to feed people both in-house and via curb-side pick-up,” Jones says. “Lately there are loads of new people we’ve never seen before. Just the other day there were 70 new people in a single day. These are people that aren’t necessarily homeless, but they’re about to be – all because of the pandemic.”

Local food banks and shelters always have a need for donations. This is especially true right now, as many people are out of work, so the demand for food donations is unusually high. Food banks have to use what food they can to feed as many people as possible.

Jones says HRM serves 50 well-balanced meals, three times a day, and plans to use the mushrooms in pasta or on salads.

hendersonville rescue mission feeding the hungry
Photo: Hendersonville Rescue Mission

Serving the Community “Better”

The mushrooms donated are AgriFacture’s original Better Shrooms.

AgriFacture utilizes Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), a technology-based approach toward food production that reduces any points of contamination throughout the growing process. The highly-controlled environment provides the mushrooms with the optimum growing conditions to produce the best of products.

From start to finish, Better Shrooms are grown to be as pure as possible. Produce grown with AgriFacture technology is better than “organic,” as this is a blanket term used for food grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial agents. 

AgriFacture’s produce is completely free of chemicals and pesticides, the growth medium is sterilized, the air is filtered, the water is purified to 0ppm, and temperature and lighting are provided for maximum product production. This process results in a better taste – a better product – that far exceeds anything “organic”. That is where the produce gets the name “Better”.

For more information about AgriFacture’s pure growing process, click here.

donated box of better shrooms
The donated box of Better Shrooms.

About Hendersonville Rescue Mission

Hendersonville Rescue Mission’s story first began in 1981 with a man named George Cox and a Little Debbie food truck.

George was studying at Fruitland Bible Institute and driving a Little Debbie truck for a living at the time, and everyday he went through 7th Avenue seeing the people in need and feeling God’s tug to do something to help; he just wasn’t sure what. Then one day at church, a fellow member handed him $50 and said, “George this is for your ministry.”

He took that money and purchased a commercial-sized coffee maker, and with his expired yet edible Little Debbie cakes, set up shop in the area that would soon become home to the Hendersonville Rescue Mission. He worked tirelessly to feed those in need and prayed for further guidance on what to do next.

Today, HRM no longer just serves delicious hot, balanced meals to the public, but also provides shelter, guidance, education, support and hope to those looking to better their lives.

For more information about Hendersonville Rescue Mission and how you can donate to their cause, visit their website here.

Hendersonville rescue mission street view

About AgriFacture 

AgriFacture is a family-owned business that has spent the last decade developing cutting-edge methodologies to change the entire dynamics of agriculture. AgriFacture’s model of controlled environmental agriculture allows consumers to enjoy local, fresh, pesticide-free, nutrient-rich vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and herbs year-round, regardless of where they live. 

AgriFacture currently utilizes a 10,000-square-foot research and development facility in Flat Rock, NC and plans to build an even larger 40,000-square-foot indoor farm. Unlike other commercial vertical farms on the market today, AgriFacture changes the dynamic by utilizing robotics and automation to control the entire process – from seed to fork.

For more information about AgriFacture, please visit our website and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates.