AgriFacture utilizes automation to revolutionize farming and food production.

AgriFacture and its model of controlled environmental agriculture allows consumers to enjoy local, fresh, pesticide-free, nutrient-rich vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and herbs year-round, regardless of where they live. Unlike other commercial vertical farms on the market today, AgriFacture changes the dynamic by utilizing robotics and automation to control the entire process – from seed to fork. 


About the Company

Eleven years ago, co-founders Edward McCammon and David Scranton found themselves discussing the potential crises facing our planet. They took out a blank piece of paper and narrowed the Earth’s problems down to the “big three” – Water, Energy, and Agriculture. They then began looking into ways to solve these problems through extensive research and testing, which led to the creation of their company AgriFacture.

It all began with years of testing LED lights in co-founder David Scranton’s one-car garage. Not only did Ed and David find groundbreaking data about LED energy conservation that is used by companies to this day, but they also determined the ideal LED wavelengths and power levels for plant growth. They began to apply their research in ways that could provide solutions to our planet’s food problem, and thus AgriFacture was born. 

A few years into development, co-founder David Scranton passed away, and his wife, Christine, stepped in as President to continue AgriFacture’s mission. In the end of 2016, AgriFacture took a huge step by moving into its current 10,000 SF facility in Flat Rock and beginning its prototyping process. The company selected experts to join the team and together create a system capable of completely automating the food production process.

The AgriFacture Timeline

PHASE ONE (2010)

Co-founders Ed and David began testing compact fluorescents on David’s back porch. 

PHASE TWo (2011)

Testing a misting system design on David’s back porch.


Ed and David toyed around with the idea of constructing growth systems inside of a storage container.


Development of a system of removable growth modules that would reside within a warehouse.

agrifacture phase 4

PHASE FIVe (2013)

Ed and David built a self-contained growth module in David’s basement to test increased production per square foot.  

PHASE SIX (2017)

AgriFacture purchased its first 10,000 square foot facility in Flat Rock, NC.

AgriFacture Flat Rock Timeline Phase 6


AgriFacture’s controlled environment was built within the warehouse, and the AgriFacture team began testing the growth of mushrooms.

Phase 7 Warehouse Buildout
Phase Seven Mushrooms

By early 2020, AgriFacture was successfully growing a variety of its trademarked Better Shrooms mushrooms and delivering them to local restaurants and co-ops. 

In July of 2020, a fire in the AgriFacture warehouse forced the company to temporarily suspend business in the Flat Rock location. The AgriFacture team spent some time regrouping, re-planning and deciding what direction to head in next.

AgriFacture Flat Rock Fire

Our Values

These three values are the driving force behind everything we do at AgriFacture. Each member of the AgriFacture team proudly upholds these core values on a day-to-day basis.


Above all, AgriFacture places a high value on Innovation. We are developing methods that have never been used before to completely revolutionize the way produce is farmed across the globe.


We have put extensive care and research into ensuring our operations are as efficient as possible, and the minimal amount of waste we do create is recycled and repurposed.


Everything that AgriFacture is able to achieve is due to the hard work and collaboration of the members of our team. AgriFacture is a small company run by a close-knit team of friends and family.

A Letter from Our CEO

A Letter From Our CEO

Hello and welcome to the New Age of Agricultural production and processing.

Vertical, Indoor, Hydroponic Farming has become the latest fad in the agricultural arena with venture capital making substantial investments in companies claiming to have unlocked the code of indoor farming for high profits.

Co-founder David Scranton and I began our journey into controlled environmental agriculture (CEA) in 2008 with the goal in mind to be the leader in Agricultural Replacement Methodologies. To deliver the lowest cost per square foot while providing the highest footprint yield by maximizing horizontal compression and vertical density. To be a single-source grower and processor of Fresh Cut Produce, Raw Agricultural Commodities and Ready-To-Eat leafy salad greens.

We no longer want to “ADAPT” technology to agriculture we want to “REPLACE” 10 thousand years of agriculture practices with designs and methodologies that can provide commodity level volumes to the market at costs that are below traditional soil based practices.

Designs that remove human contact from the product until consumed. Processes and methodologies that extend the native growing range into all regions of the planet and into space, our next frontier.

Increase the crop harvest frequency from four times to fourteen+ times per year. Reduce crop loss risk by eliminating the challenges of Mother Nature; decrease the cost of fertilizer, water, equipment, facilities, labor and eliminate aerosol pesticides, insecticides and foreign surfactants. Create Market Stability with sustainable year round supply of products.

As with most startups with a new idea our first research and testing facility was a one car garage where we would build and test each new idea and then discard it for not meeting our primary goals.

We are now in our new 10,000 SF facility in Flat Rock, NC, building out our latest designs for commercial production to validate the results of our research and testing back in our little one car garage. To prove the scalability of our design while maximizing horizontal compression and vertical density.

Once production at our 10K facility has commenced we plan to begin construction on our expansion facility of 200,000 SF on property we have secured also in Flat Rock, NC.

Come join us on our journey around the globe and beyond by becoming a part of new age of Agricultural production and processing.