Cultivating Pure Food for the Future

Feeding the World by 2050

The world’s population in 2050 is forecasted to reach an astounding 9.8 billion people. However, according to the Global Harvest Initiative, the demand for food, feed, fiber and fuel will likely outpace food production if the current rate of output remains the same. The traditional methods of farming that humanity has relied on in centuries past are not going to cut it in this overpopulated, underresourced future.

Here at AgriFacture, we have made it our mission to solve the problem of potential food scarcity. We believe that this future can be reversed – but only with a complete overhaul of how food is grown, harvested, and distributed. Our unique system combines high-tech robotics with precise automation to produce a variety of the purest fruits, vegetables, and legumes in a way that no one else has before.

About AgriFacture

AgriFacture is a family-owned business that has spent the last decade developing cutting-edge methodologies to change the entire dynamics of agriculture. 

Our model of controlled environmental agriculture allows consumers to enjoy local, fresh, pesticide-free, nutrient-rich vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and herbs year-round, regardless of where they live. We currently utilize a 10,000-square-foot research and development facility in Flat Rock, NC and plan to build an even larger 40,000-square-foot indoor farm. 

Unlike other commercial vertical farms on the market today, AgriFacture changes the dynamic by utilizing robotics and automation to control the entire process – from seed to fork. 

AgriFacture's Crypto Token

AG-COIN Coming soon

The Agrifacture International Ltd portal (AG-COIN.NET) provides the capability for prospective consumers the solution for funding this new agricultural revolution utilizing the Crypto BlockChain smart contracts, which issue AG-COIN Tokens to consumers. The token is a prime opportunity for investors, as it is a direct link between the digital crypto-token and AgriFacture shares.


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