Our Team

Meet the people who work to make AgriFacture everything that it is.

Ed McCammon


Leaving a successful career in the Nuclear Industry, Ed began a new career investing in private technology companies.  In 2008, Ed underwrote the development of the principal research that constitutes AgriFacture today. 

Christine Scranton


Christine earned a Communications degree from UNC Chapel Hill and began her career at TV stations across NC. In 2008, she and her husband David began the research and testing that was later to become known as AgriFacture.

Lori Garcia-McCammon


Lori is an expert in finance and has a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from Florida International University. Lori manages financial operations of AgriFacture USA and oversees the development of AgriFacture properties.

Dean Dragonetti

Head Technician

Dean earned a degree from the University of Florida before enjoying a long career as an audio engineer for touring bands as well as TV. Dean continues to stay busy and hone his technical skills are AgriFacture’s head technician.

Eddie Hernandez


Eddie joined the AgriFacture team after working as an Industrial and Agricultural Research Analyst for several years. Eddie spends his days designing, developing, and building the technology behind AgriFacture facilities.

Sarah Dragonetti

Head of Operations

Sarah is an NC native who has experience in a variety of industries. Her ability to juggle a wide range of tasks combined with her superior networking skills makes her the perfect Head of Business Development for AgriFacture.

Juan Parra

Director of Engineering

Juan’s work as an Industrial Control Systems engineer keeps him immersed in automation processes and systems. His desire is to create and design a better world through better engineering practices.

Mark Gilmore

Senior Software Engineer

Mark began his career as a Scientific Programmer with Loral Data Systems but moved into commercial automation. Mark has OEM’ed his ECS software to AgriFacture International Ltd to be the company’s core automation operating software.

Adrian Hernandez

Research Associate

Adrian studied at Appalachian State and directed sports broadcasts until the end of his undergraduate degree. Adrian enjoys design and looks forward to innovating agriculture with AgriFacture.

Andi Dean

Head of Marketing

Andi is originally from Cary, NC and spent 3 years in Japan until recently returning to North Carolina for good. Andi specializes in digital marketing and especially loves website design and social media!

Jason McCammon

Network & Security

Jason has nearly 20 years in the IT sector and has worked in all stages of IT, from IT Tech Level 1 to Systems Administrator and Company IT Supervisor. Jason specializes in Networks and PC Hardware as well as Team Development and Administration.

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At AgriFacture, we no longer want to “ADAPT” technology to agriculture – we want to “REPLACE” 10 thousand years of agriculture practices with designs and methodologies that can provide commodity level volumes to the market at costs that are below traditional soil based practices. 

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