Summary Of Company Operations

We are Designers and Consultants for advanced Agricultural Replacement Methodologies.  We design and build systems that establish new business models in agricultural production, processing, packaging, and delivery to the consumer.  Our designs provide for a single-source grower and processor of Fresh Cut Produce, Raw Agricultural Commodities and Ready-To-Eat leafy salad greens. Our technology is the product of eight years of research, testing, and prototyping. Our latest designs provide for maximum horizontal compression, vertical density, and operational efficiency and can produce cultivars in mixed combinations of “leafy greens”—romaine, leaf, butter, baby leaf or leafy greens, escarole, endive, spring mix, spinach, cabbage, arugula and chard.  

So Much More Than What You See

Agrifacture International Ltd, ICO portal (AG-COIN.NET) provides the capability for prospective consumers the solution for funding this new agricultural revolution utilizing the Crypto BlockChain smart contracts, which issue AG-COIN Tokens to consumers. The token is a link between the digital crypto-token and the production output of Agrifacture tunnel farms.

The AG-Coin token will be implemented as an ERC223 compatible smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum was chosen for this offering due to its broad adoption and industry standard for issuing custom smart contracts for digital assets. The compatibility with the ERC223 standard leverages the existing advantages of the Ethereum ecosystem, namely in terms of development tools, wallets, exchanges and human resource expertise and provides the additional security not found in ERC20. Programming smart contracts with a Turing-complete language allows for robust foundation and flexible customization of the token for AG-COIN specific requirements.


You're in good company...

“Dark green leafy vegetables are, calorie for calorie, probably the most concentrated source of nutrition of any food.”

“Greens are the no. 1 food you can eat regularly to help improve your health.”

“Current agricultural methods to produce leafy greens for food consumption are no longer viable.

The indiscriminate use of fresh potable water to produce soil based leafy greens can no longer be economically sustained.”

“Our design produces leafy greens anywhere in the world in a controlled, clean, safe environment, using a fraction of resources and none of the harmful chemicals used in outdoor agriculture.  Delivering fresh, safe crops to consumers’ tables, Field to Fork, in as little as 48 Hours.”

In the news...

Meet the team

Edward McCammon

Co-Founder / CEO

Ed entered the work force 40 years ago as a Nuclear Engineer, and later established a career owning technology companies. Leaving a successful career in the Nuclear Industry having designed and engineered control and process systems for Union Electric, Arizona Public Service, Southern Company, and the Reagan-­Bush Administrations Department of Defense, Ed began a new career investing in private technology companies. His companies contracted, the connection of a 375 mile fiber optic ring in WNC, designed and constructed Tier­2 network control centers in local Federal facilities. He then purchased another company, a 40 unit national franchise, restructured to deliver 20% profit increase and flipped in under 24 months. In 2008 Ed underwrote the development of the principal research that constitutes Agrifacture today. It is now his life's mission to produce and distribute pure, safe food globally.

Lori Garcia-McCammon


Lori, has over 25 years of business experience, is fluent bilingual, English, Spanish and French. She has a Master’s in Business Administration from Universidad de Oriente in Venezuela, and a background in real-estate development for multi­million dollar companies developing residential construction, subdivision/property development and property management. She is an expert in finance and has a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems from Florida International University. Lori manages financial operations of Agrifacture USA and oversees the development of Agrifacture properties.

Christine Huska Scranton (Chief Product Officer)

Christine earned a Bachelor degree in communications from UNC Chapel Hill and began her career working at several TV stations across North Carolina. She then joined United Network Services in Durham, NC as an installer of Tivoli Network Solutions software.
In 2008, she began working with her husband David, Researching, Developing and Testing the proof of concept for vertical growth agriculture, later to become known as Agrifacture. Executing a broad range of skills from physical buildout of hardware, plumbing, electronics, machining, and design along with testing and recording to track the progress.
Christine is creative and a problem solver. She loves to learn new things and bring a plan to fruition. She’s self-motivated, ambitious, has integrity and a broad spectrum of interests. She has a big heart for her small dogs (and animals, in general), loves her children greatly, and lives to make tomorrow better than today. Every day.

    David Michael Scranton (Cofounder)

    July 18, 1958 - February 24, 2017

    David Michael Scranton passed away unexpectedly on February 24, 2017, in Asheville, NC
    n 2000, soon after settling with his family in the mountains of North Carolina, David began his work in synthetic ecosystems (ECOS) seeking to improve on applied technology in food production systems. Rather than applying technology to agriculture, his goals were to sublimate agriculture through applied technology. In 2008 ECOS was incorporated to develop Agrifacture. The practice of Agrifacture emerged, producing pure, safe, high quality crops, sans Mother Nature.

    This final project will move forward in his absence, and we look forward to the amazing results.

      Juan Parra (Senior Control Systems Engineer)

      Falling in love with engineering at an early age, his work as an Industrial Control Systems engineer keeps him immersed in automation processes and systems. Working with everything from dumb machines that perform only one task all the way to robotics and multiprocessor automation. His desire is to create and design a better world through better engineering practices!

        Jason McCammon (Networks and Security Advisor)

        Jason has nearly 20 years in the IT sector and a technology enthusiast since the early 90's.  Working in all stages of IT, from IT Tech Level 1 to Systems Administrator and company IT Supervisor.  Specializing in Networks and PC Hardware in addition to Team Development and Administration.

          Edmundo (Eddie) Hernandez (Director Research & Development)

          Eddie, a graduate of the University of North Carolina, joined the Agrifacture team after working as an Industrial and Agricultural Research Analyst for several years. As an undergraduate he studied Politics, Economics, and Math. After graduating, Eddie joined a primary research firm in Raleigh, North Carolina where his areas of expertise were industrial and agricultural products, services, and businesses. He worked advising consultancies, investment firms, and public entities on corporate strategy related to industry and agriculture. Eddie currently works as Director of Research for Agrifacture, where he is designing, developing, and building the technology behind Agrifacture facilities.

            Mark Gilmore (Senior Software Engineer )

            Mark has a BSES in Computer Science from USF / Tampa. He began his career as a Scientific Programmer with Loral Data Systems. He developed the software for the "Magic Mansions MM2000" home automation system and later ported it the PC and began selling it through Home Automation Labs. This was so successful that he eventually left Loral to pursue automation full time. Expanding into commercial automation as his primary focus, his software is used in all types of applications, including large commercial buildings, retail outlets, traffic light control systems and sporting arenas. Mark prides himself on developing simple/dependable software that "just works". Mark has OEM’ed his ECS software to Agrifacture International Ltd to be the company’s core automation operating software.

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